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Carpet Dry Cleaning

This is probably the best system for regular maintenance of carpets. Carpet is sprayed and sprinkled with cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are brushed into the carpet and dirt laden cleaning compound is vacuumed. Dry cleaning uses much less water thus allowing carpet ready to be walked on. Our trained workers use high quality vacuums to ensure that cleaning compound residue is completely removed.

Interim Carpet Cleaning

A clean between regular scheduled cleans often carried out for VIP visits to a clients premises or for emergency events such as flooding.

Planned Maintenance

Complementing preventing procedures of daily cleaning and the use of barrier mats, the Sirius Floor Care programme is customised to your particular environment ensuring each metre receives the level of attention necessary to combat contact soiling, air borne soiling and spillage and maintain standards, according to specific traffic levels.

From the office plan, recommendations are proposed and a comprehensive programme is devised, highlighting each working area and walk ways into high, medium and low zone maintenance areas. Then all areas are cleaned according to the plan.

Restoration Clean

Regular scheduled visits with more frequent visits to heavy traffic areas such as walkways and restaurant areas. See following slides showing a typical schedule with floor plans

Carpet cleaning and maintenance

SIRIUS only use direct employed fully trained personnel, who have received internal and external training in all aspects of Carpet cleaning.

We offer a service Monday to Thursday evening plus Saturday and Sunday days. Where specifically requested we will look to book cleans in Monday to Friday during daytime hours.  

As a professional Company, we use manufacturers approved method of operations and materials plus equipment to achieve the best results possible.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance processes

HWE (Hot water extraction):

Highly effective cleaning methods for heavy soiled areas, we currently have four Steam Pro 2000 with twin vacuum to increase drying time.

This is very effective for restoration and deep cleaning over a weekend.

Dry Compound Cleaning:

An effective maintenance cleaning method which has no drying time concerns, this process is highly flexible and in conjunction with the TM4 carpet pile lifting machines cleans the fibres and allows personnel to work in the area without the risk of walking over cleaned areas and re-soiling the carpet.

Micro Cleaning:

This is a process Sirius have developed along with Micro cleaning pads and Micro splitting cleaning agents which have no detergent or Enzymes so reduces the re-soiling of the carpets and leaves no residue for re-soiling

A highly productive process which compliments the Hot Water system to remove surface moisture and increase drying time.


Sustainability Activities

Sirius Floor Care have been busy putting in place protocols to reduce our carbon footprint and help raise money for good causes.


Client Base

We provide carpet cleaning services to clients from all industries from Retail to Medical and everything in between.

Support team

Site Support

Regular client liasons, site plans and after sale services are part of the extensive support we offer our clients.