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Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

What is the minimum charge?

There is no set minimum charge. It depends on the condition of carpet to be cleaned, clients expectations, type of clean required and time of cleaning.

How much do you charge per square meter?

Once again it depends on the condition of the carpet to be cleaned, client's expectations, time of cleaning and method of clean required.

What methods of carpet clean do you use?

We carry out both wet and dry cleaning. These are the only two methods which give visible results. We are also certified by Milliken for MACCS carpet cleaning system.

Do you employ staff directly or use sub-contractors?

We directly employ our own staff.

How can your employees be identified?

Our employees wear signed uniform and display our firm's identity cards. All our vans are sign written.

Are your employees trained?

We provide full training to our employees.

Do we guarantee that all stains will be removed?

We use the best available chemicals and machines. However, it is not always possible to remove all stains. Some stains are difficult to be removed (e.g. wine, radiator leaks). On the other hand beverage stains are easily removed. Stain removal depends on the type of carpet and duration of stain.

What is an emergency call out?

Emergency callouts mean that we can attend to emergencies such as spillages, leakages, minor flooding and carpet cleaning before an unexpected director's visit. Normally we respond to such occurrences with in 24 hours. This is a premium service provided to our existing customers only.


Sustainability Activities

Sirius Floor Care have been busy putting in place protocols to reduce our carbon footprint and help raise money for good causes.


Client Base

We provide carpet cleaning services to clients from all industries from Retail to Medical and everything in between.

Support team

Site Support

Regular client liasons, site plans and after sale services are part of the extensive support we offer our clients.